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Getting fswatch

I currently maintain fswatch ports for OS X and FreeBSD. If you are using another platform you have to compile fswatch yourself.


Pre-built binaries can be obtained via pkg(8). fswatch can be built from source if desired using the Ports Collection.

# pkg(8)
$ sudo pkg install fswatch-mon

# Ports Collection
$ make -C /usr/ports/sysutils/fswatch-mon install

Apple OS X

Pre-built binaries can be obtained from either MacPorts or Homebrew.

# MacPorts
$ port install fswatch

# Homebrew
$ brew install fswatch

Building fswatch

If fswatch is not available on your favourite package manager, please let us know.

In the meantime, you can build fswatch yourself. If you whishes to do so, you should get a release tarball. A release tarball contains everything a user needs to build fswatch on his system, following the instructions detailed in the INSTALL file.

A developer who wishes to modify fswatch should get the sources (either from a source tarball or cloning the repository) and have the GNU Build System installed on his machine. Please read README.gnu-build-system to get further details about how to bootstrap fswatch from sources on your machine.

Getting a copy of the source repository is not recommended unless you are a developer, you have the GNU Build System installed on your machine, and you know how to bootstrap it on the sources.